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Elevating farmers through sustainable practices, enriching lives, and safeguarding our future through food security and environmental protection.


Empowering Farming for Security

“Empowering the farmers through sustainable organic farming technology, thus increasing productivity resulting to more decent and dignified life of every farmer in the country. Ensure food security to every household in the community and protect the environment for the future generation.”


Experienced in sustainable farming for productivity, dignity, and security.


We're trusted for effective sustainable farming.

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Water Base

Water-based farming conserves resources.

More Yield

Enhances crop yields efficiently.

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Organic products free from chemicals.

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Sustainable Farming Solutions

Choose our comprehensive solution for modern, water-based farming practices, which not only promise increased yields but also prioritize environmental sustainability and responsible resource management for a brighter future.

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"1NatureCorp's agricultural enhancements are revolutionary. Their products, from innovative tools to eco-friendly fertilizers, reflect their dedication to sustainable farming."

Miguel Santos Farmer

"1NatureCorp's eco-friendly tools and supplements are essential for promoting organic farming. They've helped me cultivate healthier crops while protecting the environment."

Maria Dela Cruz Farmer

"1NatureCorp's products are indispensable for environmentally-conscious farmers like me. Their tools and contribute significantly to sustainable farming practices."

Juanito Reyes Farmer
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Bio-fertilizer, biofungicide, seed germinator, growth promotant and decomposting agent. Used as soil inoculant to improve seed germination, hasten seedling growth and increase crop yield but reducing use of chemical fertilizer and pesticide.


An all natural organic dietary supplement containing chelated essential minerals, trace elements and amino acids to improve and maintain health and performance of poultry and livestock.


WIPEOUT Bio-Herbicide is an organic-based weed killer use to control weeds in the farm naturally. It is made from natural ingredients such as coconut, and sugarcane.


RES-Q Foliar Fertilizer is a seaweed based direct contact fertilizer proven to improve growth and yield of high value crops including Banana, Mango, Papaya ,Pomelo, Durian, Lanzones, Mangosteen, Cereals, Root Crops, Water Melon, Vegetables and Ornamental plants.

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